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Group 5 :

Samonte, Catherine

Reverente, Santiago

Delos Santos, Kurt

Valencia, Jack

Ilas, Miguel

Lanuza, Francis

History of the Church

The Kamay ni Hesus Church was built on February, year 2002 and has a five-hectar shrine. It is a sacred ground and pilgrimage site for those who wish to repent, give thanks and pray for sicknesses. Reverend Joey Faller created the healing church to give those who are sick or spiritually weak a place to feel and experience God’s presence.



History of Lucban’s Patron Saint


Saint Isidore was conceived in 1070 and was a poor worker most of his life of his life. For a considerable length of time, he took a shot at the ranch of a well off Madrileño landowner, Juan de Varga. In any case, poor Isidore was a devout man and would regularly invest his energy at Mass when work.

All things considered, Isidore started to draw in the rage of his collaborators who were all around incensed over his lateness because of his huge imploring propensity. (Some would likely say dependence, however we should not derive here might we?) So, they conceptualized together and chose to gripe to Sr. Jefe who went to examine for himself this potential absence of profitability on his territory. Maybe he even called Human Resources to keep an eye on how best to determine this issue without encroaching upon his representative’s religious rights, however this we will never know.

Anyway, because of the grumblings from his more pagan representatives, the manager went to converse with Isidore about his working execution, or deficiency in that department. Hoping to see him furrowing along the fields, Sr. Jefe was gotten unsuspecting he saw a blessed messenger doing Isidore’s work while Sr. Sacred was at the old lectern. “Commonplace Spanish”, he thought as he shook his head in dissatisfaction.

The second time the supervisor went to converse with Señor Religioso, he was eased to see Isidore furrowing ceaselessly like a decent worker. However, upon nearer assessment, he additionally observed two holy messengers on either side of him doing what’s needed furrowing for three men.

Special Devotions

Special devotions and religious practices well-known are the Penafrancia devotion, fluvial procession, dawn procession, crucifixion re-enactment, novena and pilgrimage.

Schedule of Daily Masses

Grotto Schedule

Monday & Tuesday – 8:00am-4:30pm
Thursday & Friday – 8:00am-4:30pm
Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday – 7:00am-5:30pm

Weekend Mass Schedule

9:30am : Healing Mass
5:00pm : Anticipated Mass

7:30am, 9:00am,
10:30am, 11:30am
& 3:00pm : Healing Mass

Weekday Mass Schedule

Monday – 9:00am
Tuesday -9:00am
Wednesday – 9:30am : Healing Mass
Thursday – 9:00am
Friday -9:00am



In 1998, Father Joey founded the Kamay Ni Hesus Ministry Foundation and built the hill shrine which houses a healing center, renewal center, church and the hill shrine of the ascending Jesus. Kamay Ni Hesus Hill Shrine is now Quezon’s most visited pilgrimage site – not only during the Holy Week but all year round. Kamay Ni Hesus Hill Shrine are divided into two areas.  Upon entering, you will immediately be greeted by the different facilities surrounding the Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Church on top of a man-made plateau situated at the first half of the 5-hectare property.

Tourist Attractions

Rizal Shrine
Found in every city, including Lucban, is the Shrine of a local National hero, Jose P. Rizal. Located in front of the Lucban Municipal building, the Rizal Shrine and park is at the center of Lucban right near the Church of St. Louis, Bishop of Toulouse.


Pahiyas Festival
At the Pahiyas festival, the celebration day of The Feast of San Isidro Labrador held on 15 May every year, decorated houses line the streets and the popular Pancit Hab Hab served from street carts during the performances is a must-eat item.


Cultural Practices

Pahiyas Festival
A religious practice that started back during the Spanish era.It is celebrated every may as a thanksgiving (pahiyas in local terms) for a bountiful harvest to San Isidro Labrador (the Catholic Church’s patron saint of farmers), although its origin dates back to a pre-colonial thanksgiving ritual.


Healing Ritual
Every Wednesday and Saturday of the week, at 9:30-10:30am, holds a healing ritual held by Father Joseph Faller.This father is believed to be able to give either spiritual enlightenment or a miraculous physical healing or both.He was said to be involved in a tragic accident which badly and permanently damaged his hands, interestingly though his hands has a resemblance to Little Jesus(“El Senor Sto. Nino”) and the hands of the Risen Christ.This accident apparently also lent this father the miraculous abilities that he now attains.One proof of this is a doctor(not Father Joseph Faller’s doctor).The wife of the doctor was diagnosed with terminal illness and Stage 4 Cancer.However, the Father offered her a prayer then during the surgery that was supposed to happen the next day, her surgeons couldn’t find her cysts.


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